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General Questions:

  • Q: How does Shweet™ work?
  • A: At you find videos and other content you like and share it with your friends via Facebook and/or Twitter.  As you share and tweet, you accumulate points that can be used to buy tickets for prizes you want to win.  For more information, check out our How does it work? page.
  • Q: I have a Shweet account, and a family/household member wants to join too.  Is that allowed?
  • A: Absolutely!  Just remember that each individual can only have one Shweet account.  If we suspect that one person is using multiple accounts, we have the right to disable these accounts.  For more information, read the full version of the rules here.
  • Q: What social media accounts can I use with Shweet?
  • A: You must use bona fide personal accounts for Facebook and/or Twitter, meaning the same accounts that you use with your friends and family.
  • Q: How do I unsubscribe from the Shweet email newsletter?
  • A: First sign into Shweet and then go to your profile page.  You can then change how often you receive the email newsletter under “Notification Settings”.
  • Q: How do I delete my Shweet account?
  • A: Email with your email account that you used to sign up, and we will disable your account for you.

Questions about Sharing/Tweeting:

  • Q: When I click share/tweet nothing happens.  What’s going on?
  • A: You likely have your pop-up blocker on and it is blocking the pop-up that prompts you to connect your Facebook/Twitter account to Shweet.  Try disabling your pop-up blocker, then restart your Internet browser before trying to share again.  If you are still unable to share/tweet, or for further instructions on how to disable your pop-up blocker, please email
  • Q: I get this error message when I try to share: “Facebook restricts Shweet shares to 20 per day, per person.  Please wait at least 24 hours before trying to share again.”  What does this mean?
  • A: This restriction is not set by Shweet.  Rather, Facebook limits sharing from any one 3rd party site to 20 posts in a 24-48 hour period.  We believe that trying to share during this period will cause the clock to reset and you’ll have to wait another 24-48 hours, so please wait at least 2 days before trying to share again.  A good rule is to share to your Facebook friends those videos that most excite you, or that you think they will love.  Quality beats quantity.  Twitter doesn’t have the same restrictions, so you may choose to be a little more liberal with your tweets.

Questions about Prizes:

  • Q: How do I enter to win Shweet prizes?
  • A: First, register for an account at  Then share and/or tweet videos and other content that you like, and you’ll earn points.  To spend your points, visit the prizes tab on and buy a ticket for any prizes you want to win.  For more information, check out our How does it work? page.
  • Q: There’s a prize I really want to win!  Can I buy multiple tickets for that prize?
  • A: Sorry, no.  There is a limit of one ticket per member, per contest.  This is to keep it fair for new members, and so everybody has a fair chance of winning the prizes they like.
  • Q: I just bought a prize ticket, but it isn’t listed under “My Prize Tickets”.  Am I entered?
  • A: Yes, you have been entered.  When you buy tickets you will see them when you (a) refresh your browser, or (b) visit Shweet again.  In the meantime, the contest says “Bought Ticket” instead of “Buy Ticket”.  Next time you buy a ticket, try refreshing the page, and you’ll immediately see your new ticket listed under “My Prize Tickets”.
  • Q: A contest I entered has closed.  How do I know who won?
  • A: Recent winners are listed on the left hand-side of the prizes page.  We also announce recent winners on the Shweet Facebook page, so check that out too!
  • Q: I got an email saying I won, and I replied to it with my mailing address, etc.  Why haven’t I heard anything (or received my prize)?
  • A: Every once in a while, emails from winners get lost in cyberspace and do not make it to our inbox.  If you haven’t heard from us within 3 days of sending your email, please re-send your information to

Shweet 2: Tickets & Contests

If you’re new to Shweet™, one of the features you’ll enjoy is Prize Tickets.  When you have earned some Shweet points, you can convert those points into entries in our sweepstakes, by “buying” a Prize Ticket.

Contests are found on the “Prizes” page.  On the right-hand side you’ll see a column that says “My Prize Tickets”.  Like this:

When you buy a Prize Ticket, it shows the contest details, the odds and a little progress bar that moves as the contest nears completion.  When enough people have bought Prize Tickets, the contest is automatically closed and a winner is drawn.  Here is what a Prize Ticket looks like up close:

After you buy a Prize Ticket, it will not instantly appear under My Prize Tickets.  To make it show up immediately, just refresh your browser page; otherwise, it will be there on your next visit.

As contests close, your Prize Tickets will be updated to show if you won.  And of course, when you win, you get an email from giving you the good news.

Happy Shweeting!

Shweet’s Got Mail :)

Sometimes you may want to send a Shweet™ video to one or two special people in your life.  With Shweet 2.2 we’ve made it easy to do that.  On the bottom right-hand corner of every Shweet video, you’ll see a little icon for email.  Click the email icon and it will open an email message and paste in the link.  Voila!


If you have a blog or use other social media, you can now embed a link to post wherever you like—on a blog, your other social media channels, or wherever.  Click the embed icon and the link will be copied to your computer’s clipboard.  Neat!

Both of these features are for the convenience of our members, so neither earns points or triggers bonus awards. 

You can find both of these new features at the bottom right-hand corner of any Shweet video.

2.2 Feature: Free Prize Tickets!

As we mentioned before, a great feature of the new Shweet™ is the chance to unlock surprise rewards when you share or tweet content you like.  Often this surprise reward is a trivia question, and getting the answer right earns you some bonus Shweet points.  Now, you also have a chance to receive a free prize ticket for a contest that you haven’t entered yet.  Here’s what one of these free contest entries will look like:

Hope you find a free ticket soon!

Shweet 2 Feature: Discover Bonus Points!

One of the cool features in Shweet™ 2 is that now you can unlock surprise chances to win bonus points when you share or tweet content you like.  One such surprise is a quiz card.  Get the answer right and you earn bonus points!