Nov 18

“There are a number of Canadian startups who are already tapping into this trend. A great example is Toronto-based, which offers rewards for people who share their partners’ video content. Every time you share a partner video from Shweet, you earn points. Once you’ve reached a certain point threshold, you are then able to purchase virtual tickets to enter to win sponsored prizes via a random draw.” — Thanks to Andrea Wahbe for this nice mention, which comes via her wonderful blog The Running Start.  The entire post can be read here—it’s worth the time and a good way to start enjoying The Running Start.

Nov 17

Add Rewards to Your Site with Shweet™ Buttons

Shweet Buttons are our patent-pending system designed to help web publishers grow their audience, increase loyalty, and get more visitors to share articles, videos, and other content.

With Shweet Buttons, visitors automatically earn Shweet Points by sharing and visiting pages. As they move through the site, their points total increases and is displayed in the gold circle beside the Share and Tweet Buttons.


Visitors can use these points to get tickets for prize draws on Alternatively, publishers can upgrade to an embedded private-label prize page that allows visitors to redeem points directly on the publisher’s site.

Embedding the Shweet Buttons takes just one line of code.  It’s that easy! And here is how they look when deployed:

Viewing available rewards is as simple as mousing over the yellow points button:

And then your visitors can spend their points at on whatever prize draws catch their fancy!


You can try the new Shweet Buttons on this blog and on Pet Pawfection.  Stay tuned for more partner announcements!

Nov 09

We’re Rooting for You, AOL!

We’re delighted that our good friends at AOL Canada are on the shortlist for Media Player of the Year at Marketing magazine.  We’re cheering you on, gang! 

Learn more about it here.

Sep 27 now on AOL Music!

Shweet and AOL have teamed up again for a brand new campaign on AOL Music, which you can find here.  This follows a series of launches with our wonderful partners at AOL, including our deployments on and and our launch of the MyNXNE app in June for the NXNE music festival.

This time, there’s a special twist: a huge Canada-wide contest for high-school students in honour of Free The Children’s We Day.  The prize is a Shawn Desman dance party, and when high-school students sign-up with Shweet at AOL Music their Shweet Points begin to count towards their school’s total.  Of course, as in previous deployments, our members can also share AOL content and enter to win exciting AOL-sponsored prizes.

Visit AOL Music and check out our Shweet channel here.

Sep 16

Invite your pals to!

We’ve just made it even easier for new visitors to try out Shweet™.  First-time visitors can now share videos on Facebook or Twitter without having to create a Shweet account right away.  After they’ve racked up some points, they can decide whether they want to create a full Shweet account and start buying tickets for prizes.  They’ll see why we say the Shweet is Sharing With Benefits™.

Aug 31 FAQs

General Questions:

Questions about Sharing/Tweeting:

Questions about Prizes:

Aug 30

Press release: Shweet 2 is Launched

Aug 27

Shweet 2: Tickets & Contests

If you’re new to Shweet™, one of the features you’ll enjoy is Prize Tickets.  When you have earned some Shweet points, you can convert those points into entries in our sweepstakes, by “buying” a Prize Ticket.

Contests are found on the “Prizes” page.  On the right-hand side you’ll see a column that says “My Prize Tickets”.  Like this:

When you buy a Prize Ticket, it shows the contest details, the odds and a little progress bar that moves as the contest nears completion.  When enough people have bought Prize Tickets, the contest is automatically closed and a winner is drawn.  Here is what a Prize Ticket looks like up close:

After you buy a Prize Ticket, it will not instantly appear under My Prize Tickets.  To make it show up immediately, just refresh your browser page; otherwise, it will be there on your next visit.

As contests close, your Prize Tickets will be updated to show if you won.  And of course, when you win, you get an email from giving you the good news.

Happy Shweeting!

Aug 26

Shweeting Ethics

At Shweet™ we work hard to make sure that our contests are fair.  It’s one of the reasons why we have Rules.

It doesn’t happen often, but we’re unhappy when we catch Members breaking the Rules; usually this results in us having to close their account.  Those Members also forfeit any prizes they might otherwise have received, because when we disqualify someone, we draw a new winner.  We don’t enjoy doing this, but we have to do it to make sure our contests are as fair as possible.  As with so many things in life, it is a case of the tiny few causing problems for the great majority who follow the rules and act reasonably.

Here are some guidelines to ensure that you’re using Shweet in a legitimate way:

1.    Follow the Rules.  If a Member tries to get around the Rules to improve their odds at the expense of other Members we will find out and disqualify that Member from his or her wins.  Shweet limits entries to each contest to keep it fair for everyone.  When it comes to fairness, we mean business.

2.    Members must use bona fide personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, not special-purpose accounts (including “contesting accounts”), which violates the Rules.

3.    It’s obvious, but worth repeating: share only what you care about or what you think your Facebook and Twitter friends will enjoy. Shweet gives you lots of choices, and lots of ways to share.  If you don’t see something you like, then there is no need to share.  We have new content every day, and it’s better to share thoughtfully than to overdo it.

4.    Don’t enter contests for items that you don’t really want or cannot use.  Sometimes we have contests for special or unique experiences; if a Member wins that and does not want it, that only deprives another Member who really did want the prize. If you do happen to win based on a free contest entry, then just e-mail us and let us know you would like to forfeit the prize. We’d be happy to redraw so that someone can enjoy the prize.

5.    Respond promptly to winner emails from Shweet.  If a Member ignores emails we will consider the prize to have been abandoned, in accordance with the Rules.

We are lucky to have a great group of loyal Members at Shweet and we are serious about making sure that contests are always fair and that Members follow the Rules.  It benefits everyone.

Aug 25

Also new in 2.2: Featured Prizes

Another great Shweet™ 2.2 addition is the Shweet prize header that displays featured prizes right on the homepage.  Not only is it a fun reminder of all the prizes that you can win, it also helps new Shweeters understand what they can do with their Shweet points.  That’s Shweet x2!